John K. Walker


At the age of 16, John Walker, president and founder of Mill Iron Timberworks began his construction career building custom made furniture for a company in Springfield, MO. His passion for wood, applying superior craftsmanship, attention to detail began here. It continued with hands-on trades experience while in college.

John moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 1987, working in high-end construction at Beauchemin Construction as a project superintendent. Because of this John learned to see all the options, to anticipate and execute in the field. This vision helped to eliminate the short-term thinking that often results in giving volume precedence over quality or cutting corners on materials at the expense of the final product.

John soon realized client/owners want high-quality solutions to meet their individual needs, to work from the client’s point of view, to develop a shopping list early with the architect and client, to be a team member. His job was to present options and help flesh out the details. To do low, medium and high range cost projections. To help everyone set priorities and enable the submittal of accurate budgets when selections were made. Because the builders’ prices should reflect the clients/owners decisions, they are in control of the costs.

In 1997, John started Mill Iron Timberworks, Inc., enabling him to expand his passion for building custom made furniture into building custom homes. Providing solutions that offer unique lifestyle environments and making the process enjoyable. Reducing costs and defects and focusing on the basics. Getting the job done, on time, on budget. Listening well, communicating often, and being open to the influence of others, as well as being a team player.

John says, “At Mill Iron Timberworks, we don’t lowball the price to get the job. Our pricing is thorough and accurate. It all comes down to making choices and having the appropriate expectations for your budget.”

“Our “Partnership Philosophy” improves satisfaction and leads to effective value-added building solutions. Just as the joy for a client is seeing his or her dream become a reality, the joy for us is in being part of making something of lasting beauty. We take pride in what we do and it shows in all our work,” John adds.

John remains directly involved every step of the way.