Company Profile


Mill Iron Timberworks, Inc., is a registered Wyoming Corporation doing business as a licensed General Contractor in the Town of Jackson and Teton County, Wyoming.  John Walker, President and 100% stockholder of Mill Iron Timberworks, has been a contractor in the area since 1997.  The company is permanently located at 1300 Carol Lane, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The primary business of Mill Iron Timberworks is to construct high quality projects within the budget and scheduling requirements of the owner.  The company strives to establish a close working relationship between the owner and the architect.  Mill Iron Timberworks will remain small enough to give you the personal attention you or your project will require.  Our practical knowledge of value engineering and cost analysis assists the owner, the owner’s representative, and the architect in the design and pricing of systems to meet specific project needs.  Mill Iron Timberworks has had extensive experience in high-end contemporary, log and timberframe construction.

The company has long maintained a positive association with its suppliers and subcontractors.  This allows Mill Iron Timberworks to control cost efficiency, scheduling and quality.  The permanent staff of the company includes responsible project superintendents and master craftsmen who take pride in their work.  Their experience with projects of high caliber ensures a result of merit.


John Walker began his career building custom furniture for a company in Springfield, MO.  His passion for wood working, attention to detail and application of superior craftsmanship began here.  It continued with hands on trades experience while he attended college.

Moving to Jackson, WY in 1987, he worked in high-end construction at Beauchemin Construction as a Project Superintendent.  During this time, he honed his construction skills to build projects and integrated the skills he learned creating custom furniture.   Because of this, he learned to see options to create better details, anticipate where issues may exist and avoid them, and how to execute an entire building with the same attention to detail as he would with custom furniture.

In 1997 John started Mill Iron Timberworks.  Due to John’s necessity to have his projects treated with this level of attention, MIT self performs the carpentry on their projects.  This allows for the controls that are required on John’s projects and gives Owner’s, Architects and MIT the ability to have their dream designs a reality.

Mill Iron Timberworks has a staff of carpenters that have studied under the tutelage of John.  In this way, John can share his passion for building while teaching proper techniques and establishing the level of detail that he expects.  The carpenters are encouraged to examine their work and initiate potential details to the superintendents and John for review.  This also allows for the carpenters to take ownership of their work and leads to a staff that is engaged and attentive to the finest details, and as a result, to provide owners with a project they can call home.